Senior Lecturer


1994-1999: Degree in English and Chinese Languages,the Foreign Languages Department, Kharkiv State Pedagogical University (Kharkiv National Pedagogical University)

2001 – 2006: Post-graduate course at the Foreign Literature Department,Kharkiv State Pedagogical University;

Professional career:

2000 - 2014 – senior lecturer at Kharkiv Regional Institute of National Academy of Public Administration attached to the Office of the President of Ukraine ;

2018 - present – senior lecturer, the Department of Business Foreign Languages and Translation,

V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University.

June , 2006 - Folkuniversitetet, Goteborg, Sweden : In-service training for English teachers

July, 2014 - University of Minnesota, CARLA (Center for Advanced Research on Language Acquisition)


English for students of the Department of Economics and International Economic Relations

Key publications:

1. Bezsonova N.S. Block in Chukovskiy Memoir Works / / Philology. Ukrainian Journal. Republican scientific-methodical journal. - 2002. - № 3-4 (22).

2. Bezsonova N.S. Repin in Chukovskiy Memoirs / / Ukrainian Journal, Kharkov, - № 4 (29), 2005.

3. Bezsonova N.S. The Problem of Mastering, Understanding and Learning a Language as a Means of Communication. Epistemological and ontological aspects of learning a foreign language / / Learning a foreign language by public officials as a means of integration of Ukraine into the European Community (M-ls of scientific-pr. conference on April 25, 2002.) - Kh: KRI UAPA "Master", 2002. - p. 3-6;

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6. Bezsonova N.S. Contribution of the Field of Intercultural Communication to the Teaching of English / / Latest trends in the teaching of foreign languages at non-philological universities in Ukraine: Materials of scientific-practical. conf., April 7, 2009 - Kh: KRI NAPA "Master", 2009. P. 11 - 14.

7. Bezsonova N.S. Some Controversies in Using Modern Technology in Foreign Language Teaching / / Optimization of teaching foreign language communication of non-philologists. Materials of the Ukrainian Scientific Conference on June 25-30, 2013 - Kh.: KRI NAPA "Master", 2013. - P.7-9.

Teaching manuals:

1. Bezsonova N.S. Business and Marketing: Methodological textbook / Compiled by N.S. Bessonova. - Kh.: KRI UAPA, 2002. - 16 p.

2. Bezsonova N.S. Grammar in Tables: method. textbook of English for students I-III, V years of the Faculty of social and economic training and students of Master Training faculty/ Compilers: T.O. Astapova, N.S. Bezsonova. - Kh.:KRI NAPA "Master", 2004. - 16 p.

3. Bezsonova N.S. Tests in English for students of the Faculty of Social and Economic Management in "Management" and "Human Resource Management and Labour Economics" and distance learning. - Kh.:KRI NAPA "Master", 2007. - 24 p.

4. Bezsonova N.S. "Teaching Speaking English on Everyday Topics» / / Educational development "Teaching speaking English for everyday themes" for students of FSEM full-time and distance learning. Comp. N.S. Bezsonova - Kh.: KRI NAPA "Master", 2013. - 21 p.

Contact Information

Phone.:(057) 707-51-44, 707-55-86