Academics at Department of Foreign Language Teaching Methods and Practice

The faculty’s high scientific and methodological potential and professionalism ensure quality training of students in English as the second foreign languageamong full-time students and first one – among part-time. Upon graduation students receive qualification of philologists, teachers of two foreign languages and literature and translators.

The Department aims at teaching the second foreign language at the same level as the first one. To ensure that, fourth-year and fifth-year full-time students take a state examination in the second foreign language, and fifth-year part-time students – in first one.

The Department provides part-time training. During the five years of studies students receive fundamental higher education in the major in “Language and Literature (English)” graduating with the Bachelor’s diploma in Philology and qualification of English teacher. Upon completion of a seven-year course of training the graduates receive complete higher education in the major in “Language and Literature (English)” with the Specialist’s or Master’s Degree. The Department also provides an opportunity for getting a second higher education.

The Department faculty teach such academic disciplines as English, Speech Culture, Introduction to Pedagogical Skills, Methodology of Foreign Language Teaching in Secondary School, Methodology of Foreign Language Teaching in Higher School, General Theory of a Second Foreign Language, Stylistics, Introduction to Foreign Philology, Lexicology, Area Studies, Fundamentals of Business Communication, Contemporary Methodologies of Foreign Language Teaching, Fundamentals of Research, English Language History, Pressing Problems of Germanic Studies, Fundamentals of Cognitive Linguistics, History of Linguistic Studies, Theoretical Grammar, Literature of the Country the Language Learnt (English Literature), Special Course in Legal English.

The Department takes the lead in methodological work at the School: regularly holds methodological seminars; conducts competitions in English as the second foreign language among students of the School.