Faculty members of the Department of Oriental Languages and Intercultural Communication

The Department faculty members are 2 Doctors of Philology, 3 PhD in Philology/Linguistics, 1 PhD in Pedagogy, 4 Associate Professors, 1 senior lecturer, and 9 lecturers.

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Virotchenko Svitlana

Head of Department, PhD in Pedagogy, Associate Professor
Donets Pavlo Doctor of Philology, Full Professor
Pikhtovnikova Lidiia Doctor of Philology, Full Professor
Zhukova Kateryna PhD in Philology, Associate Professor
Khotchenko Iryna Associate Professor
Ahmad Garibo Associate Professor
Koshelieva Iryna
Senior Lecturer
Моtrokhov Oleksandr Senior Lecturer
Obykhvist Mariia Senior Lecturer

Borysova Dana


Zakurdaieva Olha Lecturer
Kryvonis Maksym Lecturer
Lamaashi Mohamed Lecturer
Lakhmotova Yuliya Lecturer
Naumenko Stanislav Lecturer
Nikitina Yuliia Lecturer
Ohiienko Kateryna Lecturer
Samakie Hazem
Freger Irina Lecturer
Chuchmai Hanna Lecturer
Shapran Yuliia Lecturer

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