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December 6, 2016

Contest in French: Wrap-Up

Contest in French: Wrap-Up

Congratulations to the winners!

On November 29, 2016, Karazin University held a University contest in French among students whose major is not the French Language.

Organizer: Department of German and French Languages.

Congratulations to the winners:

І placeVladyslav TIAHLO (second-year student, School of Sociology).

ІІ placeAnna KOLODII (third-year student, School of Biology) and Dmytro TYKHOMYROV (second-year student, School of Medicine).

ІІІ place Mykola FARIN (third-year student, School of Sociology), and Ihor HULEI (second-year student, School of Mathematics and Informatics).

We would like to award commendations to all the participants of the contest:

IV — Illia MAIKO (second-year student, School of Mathematics and Informatics) and Zhanna KOLOMIIETS (fourth-year student, School of Computer Sciences);

V — Daria SAVCHENKO (first-year student, School of Medicine);

VI —Kateryna UDIANSKA (second-year student, School of Law).

We would like to also award special commendations to the participants having taken part in the contest for the first time:

I —Oleh KLOCHANIUK (third-year student, School of Chemistry) and Polina LUKOVNIKOVA (third-year student, School of Chemistry);

ІІ — Mariia PARSHAKOVA (second-year student, School of Mathematics and Informatics);

ІІІ — Illia VNUKOV (first-year student, School of Medicine).

Organizing Committee