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February 3, 2017

Teaching Methods Workshop in Italian

Teaching Methods Workshop in Italian

Teaching phonetics of the Italian language.

The School of Foreign Languages has held its regular teaching methods workshop in Italian.

The speaker, lecturer of the Department of Romance Philology and Translation, Simona Mercantini, shared her experience in teaching phonetics and intonation of the Italian language using the fragments from the original films, namely "Pinocchio".

Ms. Mercantini’s presentation has aroused great interest among the audience.The attendees also asked a lot of questions and got irrefragable answers.

Video recording of Simona Mercantini’ s presentation and answers.

The reports of other teaching methods workshops of the School are available in the library of the School of Foreign languages on its YouTube Channel in the playlists “Teaching Methods Workshops of the School of Foreign Languages” and “Teaching Methods Workshops in Foreign Languages”.