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May 23, 2018

Day of the Department of English Language

Day of the Department of English Language

Congratulations and we wish you prosperity and success!

On May 16th 2018 the School of Foreign Languages held the Day of the Department of English Language. The department was founded in 1961, and has three sections of teaching English for humanitarian, natural and technical specialties. First, photo and video materials were shown which reflected various aspects of the life of the department: scientific, educational and leisure, followed by a concert prepared by students of different faculties of our university. The concert started with a vigorous flashmob performed by students of the School of Philology. The program of the festive concert included performances by students of RBCS, School of Mathematics and Computer Science, Physicotechnical, Medical Schools, Schools of Sociology, Philology and History. The student of the School of History finished the concert program with enchanting singing "Crazy" in English. The audience received an aesthetic pleasure and a charge of festive mood.