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November 22, 2018

Career week at the Department of English Philology (05.11.18 - 9.11.18)

Career week at the Department of English Philology (05.11.18 - 9.11.18)

The Department of English Philology held a series of activities aimed at employing graduates and vocational guidance for students of 3th - 6th year

Events included meetings with employers and a professional master class.

11.11.18 at 17.40 Olga Oleinyk, director of the language school “Professional”, came to the School with a presentation of workplaces and employment advice. Students of the YA41 group and other students were invited to the meeting with Olga. Students took an active part in the discussion of teaching methods and the organization of pedagogical work.

On 7.11.18 the School was also visited by a representative of the HR department of OOO Parus-Avto, Yulia Dudka, and during the lesson she talked with students and spoke about employment opportunities in the company and open vacancies.

9.11.18 a master class was held at the School by recent graduates of the School: Maxim Buchek, who works as a senior teacher at the GreenForest language school, and Alexandra Kolesnik, who works at the language school “Professional”.

The topics of the master class dealt with issues of job search in the specialty, and included (in the form of abstracts) the following:

1) Teaching (especially teaching at a state university, schools of foreign languages, private lessons).

Opportunities for development: method. School and seminars / webinars for teachers in Hotspot, professional organizations and conferences in Ukraine TESOL and IATEFL, certificate CELTA already in Kharkov.

Advantages - the ability to work remotely.

2) The international department at the university and in any other organization – meetings with various interesting people, writing applications for grants, PR, working with journalists, writing press releases, traveling abroad, organizing events.

Opportunities for development – all Ukrainian enterprises are now in search of cooperation with foreign partners; for the organization and development of such cooperation, people who are fluent in the language and have the skills of effective communication are needed.

3) Translation - written and oral.

Literary translation, work with publishers and translation bureaus, conference support.

Advantages - the ability to work remotely.

4) Entering the IT.

The easiest entry is through support and community management, a bit more difficult is technical writing. Even more difficult, but more interesting - copywriting and content marketing.

Perhaps, but additional skills are needed: marketing (in particular, email marketing, SMM), business analytics and project management.

The master class aroused great interest among students of the 4th and 5th year, who took part in the discussion, asked questions and actively appraised practical employment advice in their field from successful high-class specialists, who the faculty is proud of!

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