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April 8, 2019

Post-graduates of the School took part in the “Business-incubator” program

Post-graduates of the School took part in the “Business-incubator” program

The project is funded by non-governmental foreign funds and is aimed at commercializing the scientific achievements

On April 6, 2019, Karazin University held a presentation of the Innovation Project “Eō Business Incubator”, supported by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) “Competitive Economy of Ukraine”. Post-graduate students of the School of Foreign Languages visited the event.

“This is a unique program distinguished with several factors,” said the Co-Chairman of the Committee of Industrial Support, Innovation Development and Startups of the National Committee of Industrial Development of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine Eduard Simson. “Firstly, it implements the American model of the business incubator. Secondly, the mentors here are the legendary people of venture business, which makes this program a global one. Thirdly, the project is aimed not only at the IT sphere, but also at all modern technologies which can arouse interest, in particular engineering, nanotechnology, chemistry, pharmacology, etc.”

Those present watched a video about the specifics of the business incubator.

The co-founder of “Eō Business Incubator” Charles Whitehead told about the purpose of the program: “Ukrainians have good technical knowledge, have world-class products, ideas and technologies. I communicated with representatives of incubators in Western Europe, which have teams from Ukraine, and they all say that Ukrainians have the best technologies, they are the most productive, have a great creative potential. But the problem is that at present the country does not have the necessary skills to attract capital, to ensure the distribution of products around the world. Therefore, we want to create a world-wide hub in Ukraine.”

Thanks to the business incubator, scientists, developers and authors of ideas will be able to test their business ideas and turn them into startups, present themselves and their products to the venture funds for attracting funding.

The program provides for a 4-month intensive curriculum on the creation and conduct of successful business, within which the participants will attend lectures, consultations, expert sessions and presentation of projects for investors. Selected startups and teams will receive support of world-class mentors to help teams evolve.

Approximately 8-12 teams will be selected. A similar recruitment of teams is scheduled to be held three times a year. Applications are accepted up until May 3, 2019. To apply, follow the link.