Student Self-Government

To begin with. It is the student self-government body that represents studnents’ academic interests, defends their rights, views and opportunities. By the way, very successfully. That is why it was actually created.

It is worthwhile pointing out right away that fights for holding double-periods or issuing an individualized education program for each and every student are beyond its powers.

However, you are welcome to turn to us with your requests and/or suggestions as to University life, especially, within the School. These can be problems with the educational process, settlement or resettlement in the dormitory or other issues. Students turn to us for advice while we, in our turn, try to support them in everything.

Another purpose of the Student Dean’s Office is unlocking students’ talents. That is why every year a remarkable number of festivals, celebrations and competitions are held with us paying special attention to our students, especially first-year students, by revealing life at the School from an unusual angle. Hence, our main missions are:

  • to defend your rights;
  • to help you be a success in terms of academics;
  • to unlock your hidden talents and to develop your creative skills;
  • to make your life at the School bright and fruitful.

Student Dean's Office:

Student Dean
Daniela Daas

Tel.: (095) 304-30-78.
VK Page:

Deputy Student Dean
Yuliia Huliaieva

Tel.: (050) 682-73-84.
VK Page:

Secretary of the
Student Dean's Office
Daria Dorovska

Tel.: (099) 261-13-78.
VK Page:

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