School’s Traditions

The School of Foreign Languages has a number of different traditions aimed at developing creative, professional, language and educational skills of students.

Besides celebration of the Day of the School and participation in the All-University event Alma Mater, the School also organizes Days of the Departments (Department of English Philology, Department of Roman Philology and Translation, section of the Chinese Language at the Department of German Philology). Various quests are a widespread practice at such festivities. Thus, for example, on October 31, 2019 under the aegis of the Confucius Institute, lecturers of the Chinese language held a quest in Chinese for University students.

The Department of English Philology annually holds a contest for the best thematic video to mark St. Valentine’s Day among second-year students. The students of each academic group use the grammar and lexical units currently under study to shoot a video within the framework of the topic announced in advance. The winners of the contest are relieved of participation in the module tests for which they automatically get excellent marks.

Another tradition of the School is making wallpapers on different occasions and issuing the popular scientific newspaper Seize the Moment, Student! (Lovi moment, student!) whose organizers, authors, journalists and editors are students of the School themselves.