The faculty’s high scientific and methodological potential and professionalism ensure quality training of students in English as the second foreign language among full-time students and first and second one – among part-time.

The Department aims at teaching the second foreign language at the same level as the first one. To ensure that, graduate-year Bachelors and first-year Masters take a state examination.

The Department provides part-time training. During the ащгк years of studies students receive fundamental higher education in the major in “Philology” graduating with the Bachelor’s diploma. Upon completion of a two more years of training the graduates receive complete higher education in the major in “Philology” with the Master’s Degree. The Department also provides an opportunity for getting a second higher education.

The Department faculty teach such academic disciplines:

  • Foreign Language - I
  • Foreign Language - II
  • Pedagogical Skill of a Future Education Institution Employee
  • Speech Culture
  • Methods of Teaching a Foreign Language in Basic Education Institutions
  • Methods of Teaching a Foreign Language in Higher Education Institutions
  • Methodical and Practical Anthropology
  • Introduction to the Major (philology)
  • Introduction to Germanic philology
  • Testing Methods
  • Lexicology with a Comparative Component
  • Literature of the Country, the Language of which is Being Studied
  • Theoretical Grammar with a Comparative Component
  • Special Course. Modern Methods of Teaching Foreign Languages
  • Basics of the Scientific Research
  • History of Germanic Languages
  • Methodology of Integrated Subject and Foreign Language Teaching
  • Theory of Language Communication
  • Professional Career of a Philology Specialist
  • Business Etiquette of a Philology Specialist
  • The Information Technologies Usage in Foreign Language Teaching
  • Linguocultural Studies
  • Digitization of the Educational Process
  • An Ecolinguistic Approach to the Analysis of the English Language.

The Department takes the lead in methodological work at the School: regularly holds methodological seminars; conducts competitions in English as the second foreign language among students of the School.