Prospects after Graduation

Most of our graduates are leading specialists, excellent scholars, teachers, lecturers working at educational institutions of different levels. Our School’s graduates hold positions at diplomatic missions and departments of international affairs. Among our graduates there are also managers at companies both in our country and abroad, famous journalists, cultural figures, translators/interpreters.

If you are a graduate from the School of Foreign Languages of V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University, you have no employment problems either in Ukraine or abroad for our diplomas are recognized in the world!

Famous graduates from the School of Foreign Languages:

  • Vitalii Vitaliev (journalist and writer);
  • H. W. Eyger (famous linguist, translator);
  • Oleksandr Zhytnyk (Vice-President of Moscow Branch of the OeNB);
  • Hryhorii Lavryk (adviser to the first President of Ukraine);
  • Viacheslav Lavrynov (UNO translator);
  • Ivan Inanovych Nemichev (Head of the Bureau for International Relations and European Integration of the International Cooperation Department at the City Council);
  • Serhii Novikov and Oleksii Lomeiko (leading managers at Philip Morris Ukraine);
  • Valentyna Hryhorivna Pasynok (Dean of the School of Foreign Languages);
  • Hennadii Petropavlovskyi (manager at Proctor and Gamble in Cincinnati, USA);
  • Oleksandr Pyltsyn (Director of a language school in Canada);
  • Serhii Potimkov (Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine);
  • Beatrysa Yosypivna Rohovska and Borys Semenovych Haimovych (prominent scientists in linguistics);
  • Oleh Shpilman (CEO of the European School for Correspondence Courses (ESCC)) and many others.