Information for Applicants

Thank you for your interest in studying at the School of Foreign Languages of Karazin University.

The tuition fee for full-time training is 2,600$ in Bachelor's degree programs, and 3,600 $ in Master’s degree programs. Part-time training fee is 1,800$ and 2,300$ respectively.

Applying for the majors offered at the School of Foreign Languages means you have to take two exams (in Russian and in the foreign language of your choice).

To master the Russian language, you should sign up for a corresponding course at the Department of Language Training (E-mail: The course is one year, and you will get a certificate upon completion. The fee for the course is 1,500 $.

If your command of Russian is good enough to ensure effective communication in the academic process, you may skip the language preparation course.

You may find more information on the admissions procedure for international students at the website of the Center for International Education:

Should you have any more questions, please kindly direct them to, or call: 705-18-73. These are the contacts of the Center for International Education, through which all international students are enrolled in the University regardless of the major they apply for.

Knowledge of foreign languages is one of prerequisites for building an excellent career in any country of the world and choosing any profession your heart desires.

What is usually expected from a school of foreign languages? Quality education provided, relevant disciplines taught, language acquisition, interesting public lectures/classes, professional faculty and language practice.

Entering the School of Foreign Languages of V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University, you will get all the above and more, for:

  1. Our School of Foreign Languages is always happy to welcome first-year students and help them adapt and realize their creative and scientific potential.
  2. The School of Foreign Languages offers you an opportunity to learn several foreign languages at the same time and receive relevant diplomas.
  3. The School of Foreign Languages prepares highly qualified specialists. A lot of our graduates hold prestigious positions in the major working and living abroad.
  4. Many students studying at our School come from different countries and communicating with them is continuous language practice.
  5. The School of Foreign Languages provides an opportunity for self-realization with the well-organized system of student self-government (Trade Unions, Student Dean’s Office, Student Scientific Society).
  6. Our School’s students always eagerly participate in conferences, meetings, seminars, have their own scientific articles published and enthusiastically engage in the School’s life.
  7. Our students are known for being prize-winners at numerous contests and competitions bith within and beyond the University.
  8. The School of Foreign Languages ensures interesting and eventful student leisure. Students participate in various events (Alma-Mater, Miss University, Day of the School of Foreign Languages, Days of Departments, etc.)
The School of Foreign Languages is waiting for you at V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University!

Make the right choice!

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