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February 26, 2016

Student Science Conference “Academic and Scientific Challenges in the 21st Century”

Student Science Conference “Academic and Scientific Challenges in the 21st Century”


On February 26, 2016, the School of Foreign Languages held the V International Student Science Conference Academic and Scientific Challenges of Diverse Fields of Knowledge in the 21st Century that brought together over 100 participants from Kramatorsk, St. Petersburg, Kharkiv and Khmelnytskyi. The organizer of the event was the Department of English Language.

The purpose of the conference was to encourage young community-minded people to participate in discussing the most relevant present-day scientific issues using foreign languages in general and English in particular as the most widespread method of cross-cultural communication.

The heads of sections welcomed the participants of the conference stressing the growing role of English and other foreign languages in the contemporary society and wished students fruitful and constructive work. In particular, the Associate Professor of the Department of English Translation Theory and Practice, Kamilla Voronina thanked the speakers for the high level of their reports and expressed hope that in the process of work they would not only acquire new scientific knowledge but also find their adherents among representatives of different schools and educational institutions.

Within the framework of three sections of the conference, its participants touched upon a number of pressing academic, scientific and social issues. In particular, the student of the School of Sociology,Olena Dvukhhlavova, devoted her report to the problems of perceiving social work in the Ukrainian contemporary society, and the student of the School of Physics, Mykola Mazanov spoke about the possibilities of tomographic studies. In general, the conference included more than 100 reports in English , 3 in German and 1 in French.

The best reports are:


I place О.D. Dvukhhlavova (School of Sociology)

II place — Ya.I. Lianna ( School of Psychology)

III place О.І. Krykova (School of Foreign Languages)


I place М.V. Mazanov ( School of Physics)

II place М.М. Blazhynska (School of Chemistry)

III place К.V.Sadovska (School of Medicine)


I placeК. Bondarenko (School of Computer Sciences) and S.D. Podcherniaiev (School of Radio Physics, Biomedical Electronics and Computer Systems)

II place D.V. Shymkiv (School of Physics) and І.О. Sikachina (School of Physics)

III placeО.Ye. Yermakov (School of Physics and Energy) and А.А. Varhas (School of Physics)

Program (in English, PDF, 594 Kb)

The Organizing Committee and the staff of the Department of English Language express gratitude to all the participants of the conference for fruitful and active work, "Our student conference has long become a tradition. It offers an opportunity for young researchers to exchange ideas and research findings in different fields of science in English. Thus, the conference is a particular rehearsal of scientific performances of undergraduate and postgraduate students of our University who are preparing for fruitful international work. LONG LIVE OUR CONFERENCE! "

Photo Reports: