Information for Applicants

Dear entrant!

Everyone lives a certain life scenario – kindergarten, school, university, work. But each of us can become the creator of the script of our own lives. One of the key elements of creating the best and most successful script is knowledge of foreign languages. Nowadays, it is not just an indicator of education and intellectual development, it is a necessity.

According to surveys of graduates of higher education institutions, it turned out that the study of foreign languages is rated as the most important course that they have mastered at the university. Basically, it is because of the communication skills they acquired during their studies.

Globalization in the context of the modern world also contributes to the fact that modern successful people must speak a foreign language or even several. Working in an international company is no longer something unreachable, it is a modern life reality. And it no longer matters what kind of career to choose as knowledge of a foreign language is a significant advantage in the international labor market.

True leaders must not only have access to information to make correct, balanced decisions, but also be able to understand it, analyze it and draw conclusions on their own. A person who learns foreign languages is familiar with the culture and history of the peoples whose languages he studies, and, therefore, has a much broader outlook and is able to look at different things from a different angle. Having mastered one, two, three foreign languages, you can completely change your attitude to complex or, conversely, simple things by 180 degrees, generating new creative and promising ideas that will not only bring your own benefit, but also change society for the better.

Dear entrants! Learning foreign languages at Karazin University opens the door to a new world full of bright events, in which there is always a place for interesting communication, prospects, new discoveries and endless motivation and inspiration created by highly qualified teachers, motivated students and the entire advanced Karazin community!

By entering the School of Foreign Languages, you get all this and even more, because:

  1. The School of Foreign Languages always happily welcomes first-year students and helps them realize their creative and scientific endeavors.

2.At the School of Foreign Languages, you have a unique opportunity to learn several foreign languages and obtain the appropriate diplomas.

3.The School of Foreign Languages prepares specialists of a high level of qualification. A large number of graduates of the school hold prestigious positions in their specialty, live and work abroad.

4.A large number of people studying at our school came from abroad, so communication with them is nothing more than language practice.

5.The School of Foreign Languages offers ample opportunities for self-realization – the School has a well-established system of student self-government (trade unions, student dean's office, scientific society).

6.Students of the School of Foreign Languages are always happy to participate in conferences, meetings, write and publish scientific articles, and are actively involved in the life of the School. ,

7.Our students win prizes at numerous olympiads and competitions held at the university and beyond.

8.At the School of Foreign Languages, student leisure is interesting and eventful. Students take part in various events (KVK, Alma Mater, Miss University, School Day, Department Days, etc.).

The School of Foreign Languages is waiting for you at V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University.

Make the right choice!

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