Student Life

The School of Foreign Languages has always strived to develop students not only academically but also in terms of their creativity helping them unlock their talents and broaden their horizons, and therefore offering numerous opportunities for self-realization and active and eventful life.

The School has a well-organized system of student self-government. Students have at their disposal the Primary Trade Union Organization of Undergraduate, Postgraduate and Doctoral Students, the Student Scientific Society and Student Dean’s Office. Students of the School actively participate in various creative events held at the University (KVN ("Club of the Smart and the Merry", Alma-Mater) and often act as organizers of celebrations and festivities on the School level (Day of the School of Foreign Languages, Days of Departments, Miss/Mister School of Foreign Languages).They represent the School at countless student conferences, competitions, contests; write articles and have them published.

Since 2012, under the aegis of the Department of English Philology and with student support and participation, the School has been issuing student popular scientific newspaper “Lovi Moment, Student!” (“Seize the Moment, Student!”).

The School of Foreign Languages also encourages its students to maintain a healthy lifestyle, which is ensured not only through students attending physical training classes and sports sections, but also through students’ participation in different sports events. The University sports festival, sports celebration of first-year students of the University, competition for University President’s Cup in mini football , competitions for Student Trade Union Cups in volleyball, basketball, badminton and table tennis, sports tournaments of Schools, etc.