• Lecturer at the Department of Oriental Languages and Intercultural Communication;
  • Head of the student scientific circle Popular Science: Orientalism, which deals with the Oriental studies and philology, ethnolinguistics and psycholinguistics.


  • 2007 — graduated from Rharkiv National Pedagogical University, School of Foreign Languages, English and Chinese language and world literature.

Research Interests:
literature, methods of Chinese language teaching.


  • Chinese;
  • Chinese translation practice.

Main Scientific Works:

  1. Ohiienko K. Parody of the reality in dramatic works of Chekhov // Scientific notes Kharkiv National Pedagogical University. - Kharkiv, 2009. - Vol. 1 (57). - Part One. - P. 61-76.
  2. Ohiienko K Originality opera libretto in A. N. Ostrovskiy parody // Literature in the Context of Culture: Coll. Science. works. - Kyiv, 2009. -Vyp. 19-C. 226-230

Contact Information

Аddress: room 7-68, 4 Svobody Sq., Kharkiv, 61022
Теlephone: (057) 707-53-43
E-mail: skhidnimovy@karazin.ua