Department of Oriental Languages and Intercultural Communication

Department of Oriental Languages and Intercultural Communication

The history of the teaching of the Chinese language at the Kharkov National University began with the opening of a section of Chinese philology and translation in 2008.

In August 2015 the Academic Board of the Faculty of Foreign Languages decided to establish the Department of Oriental Languages and Intercultural Communication. Since September 2015, the Department is headed by Candidate of Philology, Associate Professor Svitlana Virotchenko.

Since 2016 the Department has started training specialists in the Arabic language specialty (bachelors, translators of the Arabic language).

The Department has 2 doctors of Philology, 2 candidates of Philology, 1 candidate of pedagogical Sciences, 4 associate professors, senior lecturers and 13 teachers.

The Department provides teaching of Chinese and Arabic languages and literature, theoretical disciplines related to the study of Chinese and Arabic. The staff of the Department is constantly working to improve the educational and methodical activities by developing and updating work programs and plans, materials and tasks for independent work of students, tests, examination materials and programs of teaching and assistant practices.

In 2018, the student scientific circle Popular Science: Orientalism, which deals with the Oriental studies and philology, ethnolinguistics and psycholinguistics was organized on the initiative of lecturer Ohiienko Kateryna.

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