Mykola Lukash Translation Studies Department

The Department was established in 1972 under the name “Department of Translation and the English Language”. It was renamed in 2007 into “Department of the Theory and Practice of English Language Translation”; it acquired its current name “Mykola Lukash Translation Studies Department” in 2018. Today we proudly carry the name of outstanding Ukrainian translator Mykola Lukash whose education and professional career are inseparable from Karazin University.

During its 50-year old history, the Department has brought up a brilliant pleiad of professionals. The names of the specialists who stood at the origins of the school of translation that can boast hundreds of professionals in this difficult art are known far beyond the University. Among them there is translator/interpreter at the Nuremberg trial L.S. Grinberg, virtuoso of literary translation L.M. Prudnikov, Doctors of Science, professors A.H. Dorodnykh, L.M. Chernovaty, I.S. Shevchenko who laid a strong scientific and creative foundation for the future development of the Department. A new generation of scholars among whom there are Doctors of Science, Professors Martyniuk А.P., Rebrii О.V., Doctors of Science, Associate Professors Frolova І.Y. and Olkhovska А.S. keep their case today.

The well-known translation studio headed by the famous Ukrainian writer and translator I.V. Havrylchenko gave many masters of literary word a start in their life. Numerous textbooks, prepared by the Department’s staff, scientific conferences with participation of the world’s leading specialists in Translation Studies, students’ scientific and academic contests whose winners prove their merit at the national level – all these achievements make our everyday life and let us look into the future with optimism!

The Head of the Departement is Doctor of Philology, Professor Oleksandr Rebrii.

Contact Information

Address: room 7-76, 4 Svobody Sq., Kharkiv, 61022

Phone: (057) 707-54-42