Research at the Mykola Lukash Translation Studies Department

The Department has a considerable scientific potential. Research is pursued in the following two areas:

  • translation studies and methodology of teaching translation;
  • regulatory linguistics.

Research within the first area, headed by Full Professor L.M. Chernovaty and Associate Professor O.V. Rebrii is concerned with the problems of modern translation studies, particularly literary and discipline-specific translation, and due account taken of them in the process of developing a translator’s competence. The abovementioned research is reflected in scientific publications, the number of which in the last five years has exceed 100, and the results of this research have found realization in the development of educational and methodological materials for training of future translators ( 4 textbooks and 8 educational workbooks with a signature stamp of the Ministry of Education and Science, Youth and Sports of Ukraine) that are used in other Ukrainian centers for teaching translation. Five theses have been defended under the supervision of Full Professor L.M. Chernovaty in the first area of research.

Within the second area, headed by Full Professor A.P. Martyniuk a scientific school of regulative linguistics is being formed, with fundamental research being conducted in Germanic Philology in such areas as Cognitive Linguistics, Discourse Studies, Linguocultural Studies, Gender Linguistics. The school representatives focus their attention on the role of a linguistic sign in regulation of social behavior of individuals as members of linguocultural social media. The school numbers 21 candidates of sciences, twelve of which have defended their theses under the supervision of Full Professor A.P. Martyniuk, seven – under the supervision of Associate Professor I.Ye. Frolova and two – under the supervision of Associate Professor O.V. Rebrii. After publishing her scholarly monograph “Confrontation Strategy in English Discourse” Associate Professor I.Ye. Frolova is developing a new area of studies within the school of regulatory linguistics – “Communicative and Functional Studios of Discourse”. The research results have been revealed in over 140 scientific publications.