Department of English Philology

The Department of English Philology is one of the oldest at the University. It has existed since Kharkiv Pedagogical Institute of Foreign Languages was established in 1930.

The main objective of training at the Department of English Philology is education that combines fundamental theoretical knowledge and modern professional practices of international communication oriented to new socio-economic conditions of development in our country. The syllabi of the Department of English Philology are based on the fundamental disciplines which, combined with comprehensive practical training, make it possible to train a highly qualified professional.

Today, the faculty of the Department consists of 32 members: 5 full professors, 5 doctors of Philology, 8 associate professors, 12 PhDs. The Department provides postgraduate programs where postgraduate and degree-seeking students continue their studies. The topics for research covered at the Department are theoretical problems of functional and communicative stylistics, cognitive linguistics, discourse analysis, non-verbal aspects of communication; study of linguistic folklore studies etc.

The Head of the Department is Doctor of Philology, Full Professor, Academician of the Higher Education Academy of Sciences of Ukraine Viktoriia Samokhina.

Contact Information

Address: room 7-78, 4, Svobody Sq., Kharkiv, 61022

Phone: (057) 707-55-04