Mykhailo Tsariov

Is the best student of the Spanish department. Winner of the All-Ukrainian Student Olympiad in Spanish. Repeated winner of university subject Olympiads in English. Bright and extraordinary personality. Likes to travel. The real pride of the Department of Romance Philology and Translation.

Gavrilenko Artem

4th-year-student of Mykola Lukash Translation Studies Department

In my first year at university, I was a member of the Trade Union of the School of Foreign Languages. I also took part in the competition for the best literary translation and the translation contest at university (took the 3rd place both times). In summer 2019, I received a scholarship for a German course from DAAD in Ilmenau, Thuringia, and successfully finished it (score 1.0, B2 level). That same summer I participated in the hiking trip under the Austrian-Ukrainian project Sprachwandercamp, which took place in the Austrian Alps. I also play tennis and chess.

Igor Zakharchenko

4th year student of the Department of German Philology and Translation

In school Igor became interested in German language and won prizes in olympiads in history and geography. In 2018 he won a DAAD grant for a month-long intensive German course in the city of Bayreuth. From September 2019 to March 2020, he studied at the Friedrich–Alexander University Erlangen–Nürnberg. There he taught Ukrainian to German students, studied at the university and completed internships at the civic organization “One Europe e.V”. In February 2020 Igor attended the Munich Security Conference.

He took the II place in the Olympiad of V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University in English for 3rd year students with English as a 2nd foreign language.

Other achievements:

- holder of the British Council IELTS C1 certificate

- learns Chinese as a 3dr foreign language

- works in an IT-company.

Igor is interested in history, music and politics. He likes to play sports and communicate with people from different countries.

Yana Sysa

MA student, Mykola Lukash Translation Studies Department

Studying at school, she showed great interest in humanities, thoroughly learned the English language and Ukrainian literature. She has won prize-winning places in the district and regional stages of the All-Ukrainian competition for defense of research works of the Junior Academy of Sciences (МАН), in the English and Ukrainian languages. In 2015, she won the competition for the best literary translation among students organized by the Department of Theory and Practice of the English Translation (nomination "S"), after which she continued to pursue artistic translation, and also won the career-oriented Contest in English organized by the School of International Business Relations .

2017 – the winner of the competition for the best artistic translation organized by the English language department, in the same academic year she won the 2nd prize in the university level of the XVIII International Contest of Ukrainian language among students of non-specialized schools and showed a good commandof the Ukrainianlanguage at the regional level.

2019 – a participant of the All-Ukrainian Contest in the English lenguage. Successfully completed her studies, she received a Bachelor of Arts degree with honors, and now continues obtaining a master's degree at the Mykola Lukash Translation Studies Department.

2020 – the winner of the university level of the competition of student scientific works ("Translation"), as well as the winner of the selection round of the All-Ukrainian Student Contest in Translation.

2020 – the finalist of the first All-Ukrainian student competition among translators "Lviv European" (nomination “Best translation from Spanish”)

Interested in volunteeringat the educational, cultural and scientificevents, e.g.:

- translator of "Lviv Media Festial" 2015, translated subtitles for short films

- volunteer at the educational event "Erasmus InfoDays"

- Volunteer of the II International Grant Fairfor Culture, which was held with the support of the Ukrainian Cultural Fund.

- translator of the International children's media festival "Dytiatko"

She seeks inspiration in writing poems and has publications in creative periodicals, including "Ukraino, moya liuba" («Україно, моя люба») and the literary almanac "Winged Constellation" (Крылатоесозвездие»).

“My story with Karazin University had began from school when I came to the Center for Pre-University Education for I was interested in the English language. Since then, my I strived for becoming a student of the School of Foreign Languages, to stand side by side with those who change it, and who are involved intoits development. To tell the truth, here I was able to aceed all my expectations. I am enormously grateful for the opportunity to receive a thorough philological background, and to go all the waythroughas a student of the languagecenter of Maly Karazinsky, an applicant, a student, a senior laboratory assistant of the beloved Mykola Lukash Translation Studies Department(and to feel the magic of the educational process from the inside) to the MA student. I am absolutely sure my story at the School is not over... »

Anna Grishko

4th year student of the Department of German Philology and Translation

In 2019 Anna took part in creating a photo project for the German Academic Exchange Service DAAD "Go East-Sommerschule" and in a poster contest for the 215th anniversary of the founding of the V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University. Anna took the 1st place in a literary competition organized by DAAD. In 2019 she received onSET certificate from German at level B2.

Her dream as a creative person is to aspire self-actualization, finding her place in the world. Anna is interested in photography, poetry, music.

Alisa Novak

One of the best students in the French department. A participant in the All-Ukrainian Student Subject Olympiad in French, a participant in various international competitions in French. She writes poetry, also she is keen on music. A talented translator of fiction from the French language. Bright, extraordinary personality. Pride of the Department of Roman Philology and Translation. According to Alice NOVAK: “I am grateful to Alma Mater, who helps me become a professional in my field, and, most importantly, teaches me to find something useful, interesting and fun even in the most serious things.”