Department of Romano-Germanic Philology and Translation

The department works in close cooperation with the embassies of France, Spain, Italy, Argentina, the French Alliance, the Agency of Francophone Universities (AUF), the Association of Hispanics of Ukraine, the Italian Cultural Institute, the Goethe Institute and the German Academic Exchange Service DAAD, and the department has permanent lecturers from DAAD (currently, lecturer Amanda Zylich). Cooperation agreements are being implemented with the Institute of Philosophy and Psychology (Paris, France), the University of Valladolid (Segovia, Spain), the University of Cádiz (Cádiz, Spain), the University of Salamanca (Salamanca, Spain), the Catholic University of Ruzomberok (Ruzomberok, Slovakia), University of Messina (Messina, Italy), University of Padua (Padua, Italy), University of Palermo (Palermo, Italy), University of Parma (Parma, Italy), University of Rome "La Sapienza" (Rome, Italy), State Scientific Lyceum of Galileo Ferraris (Varese, Italy).

The department's teaching staff provides teaching of French, German, Spanish, and Italian to students of the School of Foreign Languages.

The Department consists of 4 professors, 20 associate professors, 12 senior lecturers and 2 lecturers.

Among the teaching staff of the Department are a holder of the Order of the Academic Palms of the French Republic for special merits in educational activities, dissemination of the French language and culture, a certified methodologist for the training of examiners of the international French language exams DELF-DALF, a regional tutor of the French-Ukrainian French teacher training programme PRO-FLE, members of the jury of the international French language exam DELF-DALF at the French Alliance in Kharkiv. Kharkiv, members of the jury of all-Ukrainian student and school subject competitions in French, German, Spanish, and Italian. Interns from France and Italy and highly qualified practising translators work with the Department's students.

Every year, the department's staff organizes visits to foreign literature libraries (Nuremberg House, German Reading Room and Austrian Reading Room) and involves students in scholarship programmes of the German Academic Exchange Service DAAD, Erasmus, and PASCH.

Lecturers give lectures, conduct practical classes and individual consultations, monitor the level of students' knowledge, act as supervisors of educational practice, develop working educational programmes and curricula, publish textbooks and teaching aids, develop tools for diagnosing students' learning outcomes, develop and implement new forms, methods, and technologies of teaching, and are engaged in scientific and organizational work.

Under the direction of Professor L.R. Bezuhla, the department has a poetry studio where students learn to translate German poetry.

The department has a German conversation club, which is open to all students of the faculty.

The department is headed by Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences Iryna Rudneva.