Department of Foreign Languages for Professional Purposes

In times of a dynamically transforming world with its information digitalization and international integration, the professional repertoire of a modern specialist in any field should go beyond traditional training and include competencies that would allow high-quality and effective exchange of relevant information, professional information,in particular. Such a tool is professionally oriented language or the language for professional (special) purposes (ESP).

The Department of professional foreign languages has been training language specialists in humanitarian, natural and technical fields of knowledge for more than half a century, The history of the Department begins in 1954. Over the next decade, the Department underwent significant structural changes and from 1961 to 2022 existed as the Department of English, which used to be headed by Associate Professors V.O. Uzhik, O.O. Polotska, Yu.Yu. Shamaieva. The Franco-German part of the department was also reorganized into separate structural divisions which later joined the Faculty of Foreign Languages; in 1977 they both merged into one scientific and pedagogical team - the Department of the German and French languages. In due time that Department was headed by Associate Professor O.S. Kalynychenko, Senior Lecturer M.A. Shitova, Prof. V.G. Pasynok, Associate Professor P.T. Guseva, Associate Professor I.S. Rudneva.

In 2022, the Departments returned to their historical origins and merged into the Department of Foreign Languages for Professional Purposes. At present, this Department is headed by Candidate of Philological Sciences, Associate Professor Hanna Georgievna Guseva.

The teaching staff of the Department includes 2 professors, 21 associate professors, 17 senior lecturers, 3 lecturers and 3 senior laboratory assistants. The Department carries out cooperation with such international institutions as TESOL International Association, TESOL-Ukraine, the British Council, UALTA, Global Service Corps. The research and pedagogy employees undergo internships in the world's leading universities (Bologna (Italy), Bratislava (Slovakia), Prague (Czech Republic), Krakow (Poland), Istanbul (Turkey), and tend to be actively involved in international projects and workshops.

The Department undertakes intensive methodology, research and career guidance activities. Among the major events regularly organized by the Department are an All-Ukrainian student scientific conference with international participation "Academic and Scientific Challenges of the 21st Century. CLIL in Action", an online student scientific conference "Contemporary Trends in Science", International research and methodology conference "Methodological and Psychological-Pedagogical Problems of Current Teaching Foreign Languages. Ways of Integration Between Secondary and Higher Education Institutions", competition for the best creative work in English "Aspiration", school-seminar "Innovative Approaches to Learning Foreign Languages", Olympiads in English, German and French, seminars on research and methodology, as well as 18 scientific and practical conferences for students of the University non-language faculties.

The scientific and pedagogical staff of the Department dynamically responds to global educational trends and challenges, reactively adapts the Department's educational and methodological materials, organizational and methodological activities and professional competence level, maintaining the high caliber of Karazin educational classics.

Studying at the University is a school of character and a fundamental choice of life and personal azimuth, with a language – in particular a foreign one – being one of the leading stars for the future professional success.

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