Senior Lecturer at the Department of Business Foreign Language and Translation

Professional Career:

  • 1999 — graduation from the School of Foreign Languages, V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University with distinction, speciality: “English Language and Literature”, “French Language and Literature”; qualification: “translator-interpreter”, “lecturer” and the School of Economics, V.N. Karazin KNU specialty "International Economics" (2003).
  • Overall research and pedagogical experience is 17 years.

Research Interests:
cultural linguistics, cognitive linguistics, methodology of foreign languages teaching for professional communication


  • Translation Theory and Practice (speech and written aspects);
  • Foreign language of International Economics;
  • Business Foreign Language;
  • Foreign language by the speciality (International Law);
  • Foreign language (professional direction).

Main Scientific Works:

  1. Karpusenko, M.V. The basic concept of the Protestant ethic in the English language picture of the world /M.V. Karpusenko // New Philology: Proceedings. - Zaporozhye: ZNU, 2008. - № 29.
  2. Karpusenko, M.V. Valuable aspects of the concept of Puritanism, verbalized in English [Text] / M.V. Karpusenko // Methodological problems of Modern translation: Proceedings of the VIII International Scientific Conference, 23-25 January 2009 / Edited by:. S.O.Shvachko, I.K.Kobyakova, S.V.Baranova, A.N.Medvid. - Sumy: Sumy State University, 2009. - P. 58-59.
  3. The work, thrift, initiative as the dominant conceptual picture of the world of the American colonists. // The Second International Scientific Conference "Cognitive-pragmatic study of professional discourse." - Kharkiv, 2009. - P. 20-22.
  4. Karpusenko M.V. Value dominant conceptual picture of the world of American Puritan colonists // VIII Ukrainian Scientific Conference "Karazin Perusal: Man, Language, communication." - Kharkiv, 2009. - P. 129-130.
  5. Karpusenko M.V. Karpusenko N.V. "Usages of Role-playing Game"JobInterview"with Senior Students" // Methodical, psychological and pedagogical problems of teaching foreign languages at the present stage: Proceedings of the VI International Scientific Conference. - Kh: Kharkiv Karazin.. - 2013. - p. 69-70
  6. Karpusenko, M.V. The perception of time as a factor of influence on decision-making (based on the Anglo-American tradition) / M.V. Karpusenko // Materials of IV international scientific conference "Cognitive Pragmatic Studies of Professional Discourse." - Kharkiv: Kharkiv National University named after VN Karazin, 2014. - P. 36-38.
  7. Karpusenko M.V. Language workout as an important element of employment in a foreign language // KarazinskyPerusal: Man. Language. Communication. 2016 - year of the English language: Abstracts XV conference with international participation. - H .: V.N. Karazin KNU, 2016 –pp. 63-64.
Main Educational and Methodical Editions:
  1. Lavrinenko I.M., Karpusenko M.V.LitovchenkoY.M., PonikariovaA.Yu.English Business language: Textbook for Students of Economic Specialties. . –Kh.: V.N. KarazinKNU., 2009. - 203 p.

Contact Information

Address: room 2-2, 1 Myronosytska St., Kharkiv, 61002
Telephone: (057) 707-51-44