Department of Romance Philology and Translation

The Department of Romance Philology and Translation is a graduation program for bachelors and masters in educational programs "French language with literature and translation with English", "Translation (Spanish and English)", for doctors of philosophy in the specialty 035 Philology (specialization "Literature").

The staff of the department provides teaching of French, Spanish and Italian to students of the Faculty of Foreign Languages.

The department works in close cooperation with the embassies of France, Spain and Italy, the French Alliance, the French Universities Agency (AUF), the Spanish Association of Ukraine, the Dante Center of Italian Culture. Cooperation agreements are being implemented with the Institute of Philosophy and Psychology (Paris, France), University of Cadiz (Cadiz, Spain), Catholic University of Ruzomberok (Ruzomberok, Slovakia), University of Messina (Messina, Italy), Palermo University (Palermo, Italy), Parma University (Parma, Italy), Galileo Ferraris State Scientific Lyceum (Varese, Italy).

Students and teachers of the department take part in the international academic exchange programs Erasmus+ and have the opportunity to take internships in graduate courses at foreign institutions.

Since 2018 the department is headed by Doctor of Philological Sciences, Professor Tetiana Cherkashyna. The staff of the department consists of 2 doctors of philological sciences, professors, 8 candidates of sciences, associate professors, 10 senior teachers and 2 teachers of French, Spanish and Italian languages and literatures. Among the teaching staff of the department there are a Cavalier of the Order of Academic Palms of the French Republic for special services in the educational activity, the spread of French language and culture, a certified methodologist of the formation of examiners of French French language exams DELF-DALF PRO-FLE, members of the DELF-DALF International Examination Panel at the French Alliance in Kharkiv, members of the All-Ukrainian Student and School Jury French, Spanish and Italian competitions. The students of the department work with interns from France and Italy, highly qualified translators-practitioners.

Every year the department organizes and is co-organizes in scientific conferences, the main among which are the International Scientific Conference "Artistic Phenomena in History and Modernity" and the Student Colloquium "Romance Languages and Civilization", publishes the international scientific peer-reviewed journal "Accents and Paradoxes of Modern Philology." The scientists of the department are members of European and Ukrainian scientific societies, members of the jury of competition-protection of scientific student works of the Small Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

Contact information

Address: room 7-73, 4, Svobody Sq., Kharkiv, 61022

Inquiries at: (057) 707-52-65