Research at the Department of English Language

The Department conducts: 

Scientific conferences: 

  • Interuniversity student scientific conference “Academic and Scientific Challenges in the XXst Century”;
  • II International conference “Modern Approaches to Teaching Foreign Languages: Ways of Integrating Secondary and Higher Schools”.

Learning and teaching seminars on: 

  • “Strengthening Motivation when Learning Foreign Languages”;
  • “Using Game Situations as a Means of Enhancing English Language Acquisition Efficiency”;
  • “Difficulties in Translating IT Technology Vocabulary when Learning English”;
  • “Precedent Names as an Aspect of English Language Acquisition”;
  • “Intercultural Communication in Teaching a Foreign Language”;
  • “Cultivating Tolerance at English Classes”;
  • “Peculiarities of Unconscious Memorizing when Teaching English to Students of Non-Language Schools”

Public classes. 

Student conferences and contests.