Library of the Department of Foreign Language Teaching Methods and Practice

Diploma papers 2019-2020

Diploma papers 2018- 2019

Diploma papers 2017- 2018

CLASSROOM LANGUAGE: presentation of methodological seminar (by Ella Dovhaniuk)

Homework for student of part-time department: download

Topics for seminar classes on teaching methods in secondary school

Educational materials:

Fundamentals of culture of speech (V. Pasynok) Download →

Practical English course in Analytical reading for 1-2 year students. (S. Mashchenko, I. Rubtsov) Download →

Cities. Sightseeing. Study guide in oral practice (M. Riabykh, L. Riabykh) Download →

House and Home. Study guide in oral practice (M. Rubtsova) Download →

Listening and comprehension for 1st and 6th years (part-time department): Download →

A topic of seminars lectures on methods of teaching in secondary schools: Download →

Textbooks by other authors:

Практический курс английского языка. 2 курс (под ред. В.Д. Аракина)

Практический курс английского языка. 3 курс (под ред. В.Д. Аракина)

Практический курс английского языка. 4 курс (под ред. В.Д. Аракина)

Leatning to use articles (L.A. Barmina, I.P. Verkhovskaya)

Практикум по английскому языку (М. Я. Блох, А. Я. Лебедева, В. С. Денисова)

Учебник английского языка. В 2-х ч. Часть 1 (Бонк Н.А., Котий Г.А., Лукьянова Н.А.)

Учебник английского языка для 1 курса институтов и факульетов ностранных языков (С.В. Шевцова, М.А. Брандукова, И.С. Кузьмина)

Сборник упражнений по грамматике английского языка (Каушанская В.Л.)

Exercises in modern English grammar (Y.A. Krutikov, I.S. Kusmina, Kh. V. Rabinovich)

Грамматика современного языка (И.П. Крылова, Е.М. Гордон)

Сборник упражнений по грамматике английского языка (И.П. Крылова)

Three men in a boat (Jerome K. Jerome)

Методика викладання іноземних мов у середніх навчальних закладах (під ред. С.Ю. НІколаєвої)


Lecture on English lexicology with tasks (for 4th year students studying Germanistics of part-time and distance learning department) Download →

Lecture on lexicology Download →

Lecture presentation on non-verbal communication Download →

Lecture on linguistics and country studies №2: «Politics. Constitution. Law» Download →

Introduction to Foreign Languages. Lecture 5. "Further development of the Germanic languages" Download →

Fundamentals of business communication. Lecture 1. «Social and psychological grounds of business communication» Download →

Fundamentals of research. Lecture 1. «Science and Research» Download →

Modern methods of teaching English. Lecture 1. "The history of methods of teaching foreign languages" Download →

Topical issues of Germanic studies. «Language and society» Download →

History of the English Language. Lecture 1. Introduction to the History of English (O.Mykhailova) Download →

LEGAL ENGLISH. Lecture 1. The main characteristics of Legal English (O. Mykhailova) Download →

Special course "Fundamentals of Cognitive Linguistics." A sample lecture (Y. Shamaieva) Download →

"The general theory of second language." Lecture 4. (Y. Shamaieva) Download →

«STYLISTICS». Lecture 4. Download →