Academic work at the Department Romance Philology and Translation

The Department provides training in the following majors: French Language and Literature, Spanish Language and Literature. Graduates obtain fundamental acquisition of two foreign languages: French and English or Spanish and English. Students may opt for learning a third foreign language (German, Spanish, Chinese, Italian or Japanese). Upon successfully passing the State Exam in this discipline, graduates receive an additional qualification in a third language.

Upon completion of four years of training, graduates receive fundamental higher education in the major of French Language and Literature or Spanish Language and Literature and are awarded a Bachelor’s degree.

Upon completion of five years of training graduates receive complete higher education in the major of Language and Literature (French, Spanish) and qualifications of Philologist, Lecturer of French Language and Literature, English Language, Translator/Interpreter; Philologist, Lecturer of Spanish Language and Literature, English Language, Translator/Interpreter and are awarded a Master’s diploma.

The Department actively cooperates with the French Institute of Kharkiv. Lecturers of the Department participate in preparing students for DELF/DALF examinations and act as examiners during theses examinations. Students and lecturers of the Department become participants in cultural events of the French Institute. Students participating in republican competitions traditionally become prize-holders.