Academic Work at the Department of German and French Languages

The Department conducts significant academic and educational work – it holds studios-seminars (twice a year), publishes educational materials (including those for secondary schools) with the signature stamp of the Ministry of Education and Science, Youth and Sports of Ukraine, provides assistance to secondary school teachers in development of school syllabi. The Department faculty members give reviews of materials on teachers’ requests. Assistance is also provided by the results of participation in seminars conducted by the Goethe-Institut.

The academic work at the Department is focused mainly on teaching German and French Languages at the schools of the University where they are taught as non-majors. The Department only teaches German as a third foreign language at the School of Foreign Languages.

Interest to learning foreign languages was increased due to cooperation agreements between Kharkiv University and universities of Germany and France. A group of advanced learning of foreign languages was created at the Department to prepare students for communication in these countries when being trained.