Research at the Department of German and French Languages

Much attention at the Department has been paid to research. All young lecturers of the Department are working on their Candidate’s theses as degree-seeking students.

In 2007 a Candidate’s thesis was defended by O. M. Shumska, and in 2008 a Candidate’s thesis was defended by O. M. Bielozorova.

O. I. Hrydasova defended her Candidate’s thesis in 2010.

Research areas:

  • problems of language training;
  • linguistic problems of intercultural communication;
  • terminology and vocabulary studies;
  • semantic and cognitive problems of advertising language;
  • pragmatic peculiarities an allusion as a discursive implicature;
  • lexico-semantic and cognitive aspects of state verbs;
  • linguistic means of metaphorization of a literary text (based on a contemporary German novel);
  • problems of receptive criticism.

The Department faculty members are engaged in preparing scientific articles on the given topics for publication in international foreign professional magazines, internationally recognized national magazines, bulletins of higher educational institutions or scientific institutions recognized by the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine as professional editions.

The Department faculty members participate in international and Ukrainian conferences with reports whose abstracts are published. They maintain constant scientific relations with their colleagues from educational institutions of Kharkiv, Ukraine and foreign countries, particularly Friedrich-Alexander-Universität (Erlangen-Nürnberg), participate in scientific events and other contacts with these higher educational institutions.