Research at the Department of German Philology and Translation

The department has 3 doctors of philology and 13 PhDs. They present their research at national and international conferences, seminars, master classes and trainings, participate in Internet-conferences, receive international grants and scholarships, publish articles and monographs.

The Department of German Philology and Translation is a co-organizer of a number of conferences:

  • Scientific conference "Karazin Readings: Man. Language. Communication ";International Scientific Forum "Modern German Studies: Scientific Discussions";
  • Student Scientific Conference "Bachelor Readings";
  • Student scientific conference "Karazin readings: Foreign philology. Research conducted by the young;
  • Student scientific conference "Foreign philology: a look into the future."

The scientists of the department participate in scientific events of the VN Kharkiv National University. Karazin and in other higher educational institutions of Ukraine, maintain scientific contacts with universities in Ukraine and abroad (in particular, Germany and Austria).

Research at the department is carried out in such areas as: discourse studies, cognitive linguistics, contrastive linguistics, lexical semantics, limology, text linguistics, pragmatics, (im)politeness theory, linguoculturology, linguopoetics, studies of literature (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, XX-XXI centuries), media linguistics, foreign language teaching methodology, comparative grammar, comparative historical linguistics, sociolinguistics, theory of intercultural communication, translation theory, philosophy of language.

Liliia Bezugla (Professor at the Department of German Philology and Translation, Doctor of Science (Philology), Full Professor) is head of the scientific school that conducts research in pragmatics of German-speaking discourse, which deepens scientific knowledge in the framework of the theory of speech acts and the theory of implicatures, integrating them with discourseology, historical linguistics, linguistic poetics and translatology. 14 PhD theses have been defended in this research area: 13 under the supervision of Liliia Bezugla (PhD theses by Olena Belozerova, Olesya Malaya, Olena Novikova, Serhij Krivoruchko, Nataliia Govorukha, Tetiana Yushina, Yulia Artemenko, Maria Sidorova, Iryna Panchenko, Maria Sushko-Bezdenezhnykh, Victoriia Shevchenko, Victoriia Ostapchenko, Olena Ponomarenko), and one under the supervision of Olesya Malaya (PhD theses by Veronika Khoroshilova). Seven researchers are currently working on their PhD dissertations: T. Krupkina, K. Buchina, I.S. Anurina, A. Khamarshekh, S. Lesnaya.

Lidiia Pikhtovnikova (Professor at the Department of German Philology and Translation, Doctor of Science (Philology), Full Professor) develops the direction of synergetic and pragmastilistics discourse studies, according to which the stylistic and pragmatic characteristics of the text / discourse are considered in the mutual causality, which are naturally synergistic and separated from each other only conditionally. Stylistic means are selected for the implementation of certain pragmatic tasks of the text, that is, each stylistic aspect of the text necessarily has a pragmatic goal. In total, 16 PhD theses have been defended in this direction (authors: Zhuk L.Ya., Olkhovska N.S., Mukatayeva Ya.V., Samarina V.V., Storchak O.G., Karpusenko N.V., Goncharuk O. M., Yaremchuk I.M., Suddya A.M., Korin S.M., Pilguy N.M., Bogatirova E.V., Cherednichenko V.P., Anastasyeva O.A., Sukhova A.V., Tsapenko L.V.). 6 monographs are published on the materials of the research of the dissertators. Now 2 applicants are working on dissertations in this direction: Guluyeva S.I., Pilguy N.M. (doctoral dissertation).