Library of the Department of German Philology and Translation


History of Linguistics (lectures overview) (ppt)

Lectures on Theoretical Phonetics → (pdf 231KB)

Lecture on Lexicology "Bereicherung des deutschen Wortschatzes durch Bildung von Phraseologismen. Klassifikationen der Phraseologismen"→ (pdf)

Lecture on Comparative Lexicology "Regionale (diatopische) Gliederung. Nationalvariante vs. Nationalvarianten. Dialekte und Mundarten"→ (pdf)

Lecture on Linguistic and Country Studies "Deutschland: Geografischer Uberblick und Bevolkerung"→ (pdf)

Lecture on Fundamentals of Research “Research and Main Forms of Scientific Knowledge Organization” → (pdf)

Lecture on Phonetics "Phonetik und Phonologie"→ (pdf)

Lecture on Stylistics "Stilfiguren"→ (ppt)

Lecture on Theory of Communication “Theory of Communication Acts”→ (ppt)

Lecture notes:

«Fundamentals of Research» (O. Malaya) Download → (pdf)

Short course in Comparative Lexicology of German and Russian languages (for international students) (N. Onishchenko) Download → (pdf)

Lecture notes in Comparative Lexicology of German and Ukrainian languages (N. Onishchenko) Download → (pdf)

Study guides:

Kursmaterialien. Übersetzen / Dolmetschen: Study Guide in Translation and Interpretation for 4th – 5th year Students studying German Studies of the School of Foreign Languages (V. Kryvenko) Download → (pdf 716KB)

History of German Languages in Tables and Schemes (L. Bezuhla) Download → (pdf 626KB)

Lingustic Analysis of a Text (N. Onishchenko) Download → (pdf)

Zwieselchen (tests and tasks for students’ home reading) Download → (pdf)

Some issues of German Language Stylistics (S. Sotnikova) Download → (pdf)

Texts for 3rd year students’ home reading of the School of Foreign Languages (E. Babych) Download → (pdf)

Interactive trip to Germany (tasks to multimedia course) (N. Onishchenko) Download → (pdf)

Separated by Common Language. German-speaking domain in the aspect of intercultural communication: Additional materials on Area Studies of German-speaking Countries for students of the School of Foreign Languages. (N. Onishchenko) Download → (pdf)

Tourism in Germany (texts and tasks for listening and comprehension) (N. Onishchenko) Download → (pdf)

Media Language (O. Malaya) Download → (pdf)

Exercises and tasks for home reading to the Erich Kästner’s novel Emil and the Detectives (Compendium of exercises and tasks for home reading in German Languages) (O. Butenko) Download → (pdf)

Guide in German Grammar (theory, examples, tests) (O. Abrosymova, E. Butenko) Download → (pdf)