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CLASSROOM LANGUAGE: presentation of methodological seminar (by Ella Dovhaniuk)

Homework for student of part-time department: download

Topics for seminar classes on teaching methods in secondary school

Educational materials:

Fundamentals of culture of speech (V. Pasynok) Download →

Practical English course in Analytical reading for 1-2 year students. (S. Mashchenko, I. Rubtsov) Download →

Cities. Sightseeing. Study guide in oral practice (M. Riabykh, L. Riabykh) Download →

House and Home. Study guide in oral practice (M. Rubtsova) Download →

Listening and comprehension for 1st and 6th years (part-time department): Download →

A topic of seminars lectures on methods of teaching in secondary schools: Download →

Textbooks by other authors:

Three men in a boat (Jerome K. Jerome)

Методика викладання іноземних мов у середніх навчальних закладах (під ред. С.Ю. НІколаєвої)


Lecture on English lexicology with tasks (for 4th year students studying Germanistics of part-time and distance learning department) Download →

Lecture on lexicology Download →

Lecture presentation on non-verbal communication Download →

Lecture on linguistics and country studies №2: «Politics. Constitution. Law» Download →

Introduction to Foreign Languages. Lecture 5. "Further development of the Germanic languages" Download →

Fundamentals of business communication. Lecture 1. «Social and psychological grounds of business communication» Download →

Fundamentals of research. Lecture 1. «Science and Research» Download →

Modern methods of teaching English. Lecture 1. "The history of methods of teaching foreign languages" Download →

Topical issues of Germanic studies. «Language and society» Download →

History of the English Language. Lecture 1. Introduction to the History of English (O.Mykhailova) Download →

LEGAL ENGLISH. Lecture 1. The main characteristics of Legal English (O. Mykhailova) Download →

Special course "Fundamentals of Cognitive Linguistics." A sample lecture (Y. Shamaieva) Download →

"The general theory of second language." Lecture 4. (Y. Shamaieva) Download →

«STYLISTICS». Lecture 4. Download →