Academic Work at the Department of English Philology

The Department provides teaching of such disciplines as Practical English, Theoretical Grammar, Lexicology, Stylistics, History of the English Language, Introduction to Germanic Philology, Country Studies, History of English Literature.

The Department of English Philology also provides teaching of special courses related to the key areas of future employment of graduates, namely:

  • Foreign Language - I
  • Foreign Language - II
  • Theory of Linguistic Research

  • Linguistic World-Image

  • Communication Theory

  • Pedagogical Skill of a Future Education Institution Employee
  • Speech Culture
  • Methods of Teaching a Foreign Language in Basic Education Institutions
  • Methods of Teaching a Foreign Language in Higher Education Institutions
  • Methodical and Practical Anthropology
  • Introduction to the Major (philology)
  • Introduction to Germanic philology
  • Testing Methods
  • Lexicology with a Comparative Component
  • Literature of the Country, the Language of which is Being Studied
  • Theoretical Grammar with a Comparative Component
  • Special Course. Modern Methods of Teaching Foreign Languages
  • Basics of the Scientific Research
  • History of Germanic Languages
  • Methodology of Integrated Subject and Foreign Language Teaching
  • Theory of Language Communication
  • Professional Career of a Philology Specialist
  • Business Etiquette of a Philology Specialist
  • The Information Technologies Usage in Foreign Language Teaching
  • Linguocultural Studies
  • Digitization of the Educational Process
  • An Ecolinguistic Approach to the Analysis of the English Language.

The Department takes the lead in methodological work at the School: regularly holds methodological seminars; conducts competitions in English as the first and second foreign language among students of the School.

Four years of training ensure that students receive basic higher education in the major of Language and Literature (English) resulting in a Bachelor's degree in Philology. Upon completion of a five-year course its graduates receive complete higher education in the major of Language and Literature (English) resulting in a Master's degree.

The high methodological potential and professionalism of the Department’s faculty help ensure quality training of specialists in Foreign Philology, who, upon graduation, obtain the following qualifications: philologist, lecturer of English language and literature, lecturer of German (French, Spanish, Chinese) language, translator. Students of the Department can opt for learning more languages.