Research at the Department of English Philology and Foreign Language Teaching Methods

Research at the Department of English Philology d Foreign Language Teaching Methods is actively pursued by 5 Doctors of Science (Philology) (V. O. Samokhina, O. I. Morozova, I. S. Shevchenko, L. V. Soloshchuk, E. V. Bondarenko), 18 Candidates of Science and other faculty members.

Faculty members yearly have numerous scientific articles and abstracts of their reports published, actively participate in scientific conferences held at V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University and other higher educational institutions of Ukraine; they maintain scientific contacts with leading universities of Ukraine and foreign countries. The Department faculty members have more than once won various grants to conduct research at scientific institutions abroad. The Department has entered into agreements with 16 universities of Ukraine.

The Department of English Philology d Foreign Language Teaching Methods is proud of its graduates – highly professional specialists successfully working at various institutions of Ukraine. Among them – there are highly qualified lecturers working at universities and institutes, colleges and schools; state officials, leading cholars, managers at firms in our country and abroad, famous journalists, cultural figures, translators and interpreters.

The Department in its work is guided by the main slogan of V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University "Classics ahead of time". For us, this means that we do not reject the experience in the methods of teaching foreign languages that has been acquired over the centuries, but on the contrary, we accumulate this experience and enrich it in accordance with the requirements of the modern world and modern needs.

The main objective of the staff of the department is to train first-class foreign language philologists, as well as to give our graduates such a basis of knowledge and skills that would guarantee their high qualification for the work as translators and teachers of foreign languages for both secondary and higher schools.

In order to achieve this goal, the department’s staff conducts research in the field of teaching methods, and shares their achievements when participating in methodological seminars of different levels, national and international conferences, and publishing their scientific papers. The use of modern computer and Internet technologies has also become part of our groundbreaking research.

The department is flexible in choosing methods of foreign languages teaching. At junior levels, where the first purpose lies in the formation of basic foreign language skills, the emphasis is made on the use of traditional methods ‒ grammar-translation, audio-lingual and audio-visual methods, while at senior levels the bulk of the time is devoted to the formation of speech skills, various techniques of intensive methods, suggestopedia method, as well as the project method, case and computer technologies of teaching foreign languages are widely used.