Research at the Department of Oriental Languages and Intercultural Communication

The scientific and pedagogical staff of the department conduct research in the field of intercultural communication and translation, education problems and methods of teaching foreign languages, take an active part in all-Ukrainian and international conferences and speak at methodical seminars, where they exchange experience and share their achievements.

The scientific work at the Department is actively carried out by the Acting head of the department, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, associate professor Yuliya Lakhmotova, associate professor Svitlana Virotchenko, professor Lidiia Pikhtovnikova, associate professor Irina Khotchenko, senior lecturer Olexandr Motrokhov. Senior instructor Kateryna Ohiienko and instructor Yuliya Nikitina are actively working on their PhD theses.

Scientific research at the Department is carried out in the following topical areas:

  • theory of intercultural communication, linguistic and regional studies, linguistic and cultural studies;
  • pragmatics, non-verbal semiotics;
  • translation studies;
  • history of learning foreign languages;
  • literary studies of the countries of the East;
  • development and establishment of educational institutions in the People's Republic of China;
  • higher education and quality control of education in China;
  • method of teaching a foreign language.

Employees of the Department also maintain scientific contacts with leading universities in Ukraine and abroad (Anhui University, China) and participate in scientific events and scientific exchange programs. The results of such cooperation are the publication of manuals on the practice of translation by Iryna Koshelieva and Mariia Obykhvist.

The Department conducts an annual all-Ukrainian scientific and methodological conference with international participation "Issues of Oriental studies in Ukraine", which is attended by teachers, Sinology scientists, post-graduate students, international specialists, and students of philological and historical specialities. The abstracts of the reports are published in the collection of conference materials.

At the department, there is a scientific group Popular science: orientalism under the head of the senior lecturer Ohiienko Kateryna. The teachers of the Department Olha Zakurdaieva, Stanislav Naumenko, Maksym Kryvonis, Dana Turchaninova, and Anastasiya Koval conduct active research work with students and publish abstracts at scientific conferences as co-authors. You can join the scientific group community by following the link.